Kaitlyn Crosby talks Bedroom Mall

To let someone enter your space is the sweetest gift.

Eternal Sleepover’s Bedroom Mall bakes and takes multiple cakes as one of the best nights to be alive.

I pull the sheets back with Kaitlyn Crosby, paint wielder from a portal in the grassy wall, we have some soft pillow talk after hours, but I mostly listen. 

interview by Robyn De Leon 

by  Quail

RD: What are you up to?

KC: I am a visual artist. I paint large scale paintings.

RD: What do you paint?

KC: They’re [the paintings] kinda abstract I would say – femme-ish bodies, but they have no gender. Pretty much I relate all my paintings back to childhood through color, my use of color and my use of line by using bright vibrant colors - kids can resonate with that because when I was a kid I always painted things with bright colors. With my paintings I create coloring books, almost like color blocks and I fill them in with paint like you would with a coloring book where you’d get the pages and color it in with color pencils or markers.

RD:  Why?

KC: I don’t know, there’s just a lot of freedom in it. I don’t really think about what I’m going to paint before I paint it. I just kinda do it as I go and I feel like when you’re a kid you just do things as you go. You don’t really think about much, you’re just like ‘Oh, well that’s how I’m feeling, so that’s how I’m gonna be.’

RD: What was the process mentally/physically/emotionally preparing for Bedroom Mall?

KC: My body is exhausted from the amount of work I put into this room. Like finding the carpet, carrying the carpet, haggling the price for the carpet and then the chalkboard wall – painting that, being unsatisfied with it, painting over it, chalking over it because I was unsatisfied with that and also just trying to tie in like the childhood side of myself because I feel like even though I’m 20 years old I’m still very much 5 in my brain. I process things like a 5 year old. I look at things like a kid. I don’t know I just feel like I carry a lot of childlike energy – not right now because I’m dead tired. I’m carrying zombie energy.


RD: What’s your room mean?

KC: This room was really impactful for me because this is kind of what I’ve always dreamed a kids room would look like. It’s like a picnic on grass with quilted rugs and a bed and then like papers and markers and colored pencils. I don’t know and so many different colors and letting it be interactive for people to work because my biggest issue is that a lot of galleries that you go - the only thing you can do is take pictures. You can’t interact with the work. I’ve always wanted people to feel like my work is like a place like home and being able to sit in there and draw just as I did too. 


RD: What did you expect vs. what you actually experienced?

KC:  Honestly everything that happened was what I wanted to happen. In my head I was like - I really just hope people feel they can experience this in a childlike way like sitting and jumping on the bed and talking to people and chalking it and erasing it and laughing. Not that I was worried about it, but that was my vision for it is seeing people in there and actually interacting and like drawing and writing notes and talking to other people and I feel like that happened and became true and that’s all I wanted for it. 


Kaitlyn Crosby is a visual artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She recently exhibited an instillation for Eternal Sleepover’s evening Bedroom Mall in L.A. from March 29 - 30.