i don’t think i will ever stop comparing things to the past

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seeing my best friend again reminded me of highschool,

except he picked up a smoking habit.

i looked at a film he made on his phone,

seven minutes long of his friend just mopping things.

we sneaked out of his house and went to the beach thirty minutes away,

his mom found out,

we raced home, he’s phoning his sister, trying to calm down.

i was afraid this was going to end once we graduated, when everyone moved away

but i don’t think it ever will,

living in the moment is new to me,

and my girlfriend found me at the right time to teach me that.

i think that is the only way i will feel as youthful and as nostalgic as the past.

think less, do more.

stop at the park because of the sunset, go out of your way to view beauty.

love unconditionally, care for your loved ones.

apologize when you make mistakes.

spend the night even when you have work the next morning, it will be worth it.

stop thinking of consequences, but don’t hurt people.

time keeps moving forward and all that matters is now. live in this period of time. appreciate.

stop comparing to the past

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thank you tom