Liv Soloman: Photography Archive

When you first moved to NYC describe your life in people, places, things:

New faces, new things to talk about, bigger buildings, more space for art, less space for being fake 

Describe your life now in people places and things:

A comfortable bubble filled with light, love and creativity - ease even in the most stressful moments 

What are two things you sorta semi regret doing in your transition from kid to adult?

Not allowing for me to be me. worrying too much about what others think of me, or how i present myself. i feel like i’m always in that transition, though - i will always grow and learn

Things that are really getting you excited about life right now are:

Staying in New York for as long as i can prepare for, learning from new people in new places, expanding my knowledge more than i thought i ever could

Things you don’t know about money:

How to be reasonable with it, how much it really matters rather than how much we are told it matters. 

Things you don’t know about love: 

I learn new things about love every day. i’m lucky to be with someone who helped me understand what love feels like. i don’t know what love is or isn’t, but i know the feeling of it and the specifics just feel like they don’t matter as much. 

What do you want to change about your life?

I want to be more open, and i try to every day. i want to learn to stray away from my social anxiety and allow myself to be open with people

5 songs on your playlist rn: 

- Smirnoff Ice by Yung Lean

- Ice by JIWON

- the entire album “London Calling” - the clash

- The great gig in the sky - Pink Floyd

- sneeze - Chief Keef 

What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

Every day it changes. i want to be an artist, but the more i grow, the more i feel i can expand the things i do. i’m interested in psychology and law, i want to learn a way to incorporate all of these things into one.