Kaitlyn Crosby Creates Her Own Life-Size Coloring Book

I met Kaitlyn at Samuel’s show in New York…. Well I guess I technically met her when I was in a caffeine crash heading from me and Cyb’s rented room in Atlanta to the porch to air out my brain. She was sitting in the living room and asked me if I had any denim she could paint on. Denim… pants… skirt.. I think I probably stared blankly and mumbled something that could be passed off as yes/no/maybe/I’ll see. before continuing my trip to the porch steps.

She took the bus from ATL to NYC (16 hour bus ride) to go to Sam’s show, I forget how we got to talking but she had her sketchbook with her and I asked to look through it. Inside: doodles, poems, drawings in all colors and squiggles small and across double pages, and two locks of hair taped neatly to a page (hers and a friend’s).

In the last month she has been working on her first solo show, creating a series of painted pieces that feature huge, life-sized drawings of colorful scenes or femme figures, together, seperate, dancing, in harmony and disharmony. She says “My art is what keeps me sane. I paint to express the emotions I can’t put into words but also to convey the child that is still very within me.”

Her work will be on display on January 25th in Atlanta, GA. Save the date! Now back to Kaitlyn…