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1-10 + summer memories (taken from the main by messy page)


1.: car freshners

2.: sushi

3.: sleeping bag

4.: crumb

5.: cocaine

6.: tupperware filled with black beans and rice

7.: receipts

8.: burns

9.: polka dot

10.: wrinkle

1.: the girl i was in love with

2.: antique shops

3.: fake celebrity ids

4.: secrets

5.: stacks of 90s magazines

6.: bill hader's laugh

7.: floral scents

8.: fruit sorbet

9.: vintage chairs

10.: soft hair

1.: your plant sitting in the rain that you know you should bring inside but sit waiting for the motivation to grab your lazy bones and snap some ATP to pick it off the porch

2.: a cat showing curiosity in your morning breath because it probably smells rotten and enticing and knowing that most humans would be too ashamed to do the same

3.: the paintings on your walls that have accumulated that you can look at for eternity and see new things

4.: that clicking noise that always seems to be buzzing around like a fly but it's not a fly it's the ac or the water heater or the toilet bowl refilling, but damn it's always something if you stop and listen

5.: that feeling when you notice your jaw and tongue are one of the few things you can control in your skull so you start tonguing each tooth to make sure they're okay

6.: those times you start wondering why nearly every ceiling is painted white and are curious if it's because it's least distracting and yet find yourself utterly distracted by how it perpetually surrounds you

7.: those unique times that you see rainbows in the sky and find that you and everyone around you are taking photos of them and you suddenly feel embarrassed that you're as cliche as everyone else but say fuck it it is beautiful and worth noting

8.: the way the sun filters through a plant's leaves and if you didn't know it was sunshine it would just look like the leaves have patches of light green

9.: when you find yourself looking up a YouTube video and hoping someone has answered your bizarre question and are comforted by the fact that someone has made a 20 min video on the topic and you just think what are the odds every damn time

10.: that feeling when you're not usually the one to fill out stuff online but are suddenly typing and can't really explain the rhyme or reason

1.: love

2.: pain

3.: rice cakes

4.: sparkly pens

5.: smooth breathing

6.: interlocked fingers

7.: you

8.: me

9.: nothing

10.: everything

1.: girls

2.: pasta with garlic

3.: growth

4.: thrift stores

5.: but also saving money

6.: canela aka cinnamon

7.: her

8.: still thinking about her

9.: will I ever stop

10.: in time

Favorite summer memory from your childhood: When I lived a block from my elementary school my best friend and I would sneak into the community garden through a crack in the fence and eat raspberries. Sometimes an adult would catch us and we’d simply slip through the fence as easily as we came in and skid away on our neon bikes, our front bike baskets and pockets filled with berries.

Favorite summer memory from your childhood: A firecracker went off in my brothers mouth

1.: His face , I can’t look at it it’s too too much

2.: Blue glass ducks

3.: Turquoise jewelry

4.: A strangers face in the mirror, will I ever be prepared for this?

5.: His hairline in the back of his neck, slightly set to the left

6.: entertaining myself

7.: The absence of butterflies in my life


9.: Dreaming of the seine and Paris and that little adorable corner by the Shakespeare and company bookship

10.: My tired indecisive heart, am in love or am I bored?

1.: Clovers

2.: Bubblegum

3.: Creativity

4.: Stars

5.: The show, Cosmos

6.: Knife

7.: A Polaroid

8.: Happiness

9.: Eternal Sleepover

10.: Monstera