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Romeo and Juliet (1996)

Blow Up (1966)

Coco (2017) : This might seem like a weird choice but honestly it was so fucking cute and it made me sob for fifteen minutes straight at the end. I don't cry easily when it comes to movies so I know this was a good one when I literally cried my eyes out and yelled FUCK afterwards. Just a good pure kids movie that I needed. Also the most beautiful visuals and animations! (on netflix)

What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015)

Before Sunrise (1995)

The to do list (2013) : I’ve watched it like ten times and I always laugh

Princess Monoke (1997): rawness, nature, strong women & animals. animation is so powerful and beautiful.

1900 (1976)- a film directed by bernado bertolucci, this is a 5 hour masterpiece of two parts. is a must if youre into brilliant writing, beautiful setting and cinematography, and shockingly honest scenes

Zoo Quest (1952): Eye opening to see how nature was viewed in that era. The capturing of animals, how they just did it all the time, so often. It's so sad but beautiful to see how the earth looked theen. So full of life. It was all shot on 16mm film and half documentary about it.

to wong foo, thanks for everything! julie newmar (1995): it’s similar to the feeling of playing dress up with your friends when you’re young. overall this movie makes you feel utterly fabulous

devdas (2002):  I grew up on this movie watching it on the floor laying down with my hands pressed against my face and my elbow bent just enough so i could see the tv. I have watched it countless times. Aishwarya Rai has been my favorite actress and dancer since I was four years old. This movie made me fall in love with her as an artist and Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri’s acting was also impeccable in this movie. It has everything, the visuals by the famous director sanjay leela bhansali, the music sung by some of my favorite angelic voices(the songs I still sing in my head all the time)and the nostalgia. You could have any critical opinion on this movie, and I would refute it and say this movie is perfect and gold. It always will be to me!

Raising Arizona (1987)

Florida Project (2017)

Cold War (2018) a beautiful black and white film about lovers in 1950's Poland and I love it because I love movies about forbidden and impossible love. but it's not sentimental. it's absolutely mesmerizing and stunning and so so lovely

Grey Gardens, 1975: what do you like about it: Edie and Edith.

Run Lola Run 1998: The pace and music keep me really interested because it is faster paced and intense and so it feels almost like a game that you want to keep up with. The movie’s use of animation (hand drawn and filming style in some parts) was something I’d never seen before in a movie. The plot has cool character development and explores multiple different story lines giving a sense of variety or like you are meeting a lot of different people

 Donnie Darko 2001: A whole trip that makes you question everything and the impermanency of life.

Amelie (2001): There is a peace about it. Something that makes me feel comfortable in my solitude and makes me want to explore my inner self. I like how its a French film, I think it's important for people to explore films from countries other than their own. This movie shows an appreciation for the little, romantic things in life and that you can find pure happiness in small things.

The Triplets of Belleville (2003) if you are interested in a super wacky, surreal animation about paris, the mafia and wrinkled old jazz ladies, this will exceed your expectations!! it's dark and funny and will inspire you. also no dialogue which is really interesting

Paris, Texas (1984) Dir. Wim Wenders I grew up driving through Texas between Austin and El Paso, and all the scenes are so spot on. They remind me of home and the feeling of being on the road <3

 Lili (1953) I saw this for the first time in a Days Inn hotel and I didn’t even get to see the beginning of it but it was so weird that I couldn’t stop watching. I think it’s amazing.

Almost Famous - 2000  living vicariously through Ms. Penny Lane and the fashion is incredible.

Fallen Angels by wong-kar wai: Wong kar wai always knows how to touch that teeny tiny part inside of u that makes you go: !!<33333!!!! With his visuals Also it’s Hilarious!! And very badass & poetic simultaneously!


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Listen to anything Rosalía!

LATCH KEY by Kari Faux

boy in jeans by ryan beatty

"Next Time Read the Fine Print" by Spud Cannon

Queen - Love of my Life :I've been fucking obsessed with Queen ever since I watched the Bohemian Rhapsody movie a month ago and this is one of my top favorites. Obviously I ADORE Freddie's voice in every song but idk, the combination of his vocals and the instrumentals and lyrics just pull at my heart strings. Also I'm always a sucker for melancholy sadder songs lol.

Reachin’ - A New Refutation of Time and Space (Digable Planets/ 1993):  everything. this album is politically powerful, yet at the same time it fosters a sense of positive connection with the world and others within it. The artists all have an insect alter-ego, which really speaks to the creativity and reimagining that they all did through this album! this is some utopian imagining, hence the title “reaching”~ reaching toward a different and free world

Theory of Colours, Dauwd

III by Banks: I just really love the blending of genres in her work. This album is kind of like an abstract view of my own feelings and I can listen to it all the way through without skipping

HONNE - Warm On A Cold Night : It took up my whole entire senior year. I would listen to it religiously in my art class (and honestly everywhere). My teacher would ask us what we wanted to listen to in class and he eventually didn't even have to ask me. it just hits me in a way i never experienced with any other song. listening to it at night while you doing nothing else is the best way to enjoy it.

Don't Let the Kids Win by Julia Jacklin: songwriting is incredible I haven't heard anything this good in a long time

 Wonderful Ass - Prince ( purple Rain) expanded edition: It’s a song with one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard. Prince changed the way I looked at love songs and the role of sex in relationships. This song is mostly just steamy and unapologetically raunchy lol!!! But when the beat drops, I just wanna dance until the end of time. You can play this at any party!!!

Mickey Avalon Self Titled Album

"same old blues" - eric clapton:  absolutely wonderful to listen to while high. blast it and sit back and be taken over by the blues for 8 minutes

Into The Night by Benny Mardones: It reminds me of my Aunt and when she was my age during the seventies! My Mom once told me it was the kind of music she [my Aunt] listened to. Feels almost like it’s 1980 and a boy recorded it on a mixtape for me! <3

something wild - radiator hospital: if a babbling brook were a song

 I wanna be adored - the storm roses: Holds so many memories for me personally and is a song to be played in endless loops and dance to with doors closed and singing at the top of your lungs . Builds up slowly from the baseline then comes the electric guitar and ooooooff when the beat kicks in ... its a while mutherfcking experience

Honey - Robyn: The production of this album is subliiiime. robyn said she found inspiration from house music, songs whose beat and sound you listen to in the moment, rather than the trajectory of traditional pop that leads up to the chorus. tooo good

Jane Says, Jane's Addiction: So chill, so vibey, love listening to it in the shade while painting

The Life and Times of a Paperclip by The Garden: I generally love The Garden and their unique take on music, this just happens to be my favorite album.

The Birds Outside Sang (album) by Florist: it is super sad. but it carried me through a super tough time and their voice is angelic and soft. the songs have lyrics i think a lot of people could find meaning in and it truly transports you to another world.

 Frank by Amy Winehouse: It is the most pure, authentic, and honest album I've heard so far. I listened exclusively to it for about three months straight after the first time I listened to it. Amy is so amazing and one of the most real women in the media in my opinion.

dragon lady ~ the geraldine fibbers it brings out every emotion in me, even the ones buried deep inside and the ones i don’t understand. it makes me feel everything and nothing at the same time

Blood by Kelsey Lu: I can’t describe the music so that makes me like it a lot

Chariot by Beach House: This song caresses me... makes me smile and cry and just feel everything. Its like happy tears, eyes closed floating in water, 5 am cool morning bike rides, strolls in crisp fall October air. I've listened to it for days on repeat and I can never get enough.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - This might be kind of a basic choice tbh but I resonated with literally every other sentence in this book. It's just impossible to read it and not be changed in some way or not learn something new and enlightening.

Genuine fraud by e. Lockhart: It is a quick, suspenseful, mystery novel about two friends, Jules and Imogen. One of the main reasons I enjoyed it was the way in which it is written, in reverse chronological order.

A spy in the house of love- by Anaïs Nin: I've rewritten this description at least 4 times. Hard to describe. Let's just say although I can't remember how the book ends, I remember how reading it made me feel.

Meridian by Alice Walker: Every sentence was interesting.

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman: I got this for a dollar used, while the writing wouldn’t fly now, I thought it was an interesting insight into the world of pop media, and how we got to this current day and age of media in america.

King kong theory, Virginie Despentes: french feminist essay. it moved me, it made me think about things i never thought about, and she writes from her experience as a woman, as a sex worker, as a human.