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Cherry popsicle, box fan, phone calls on speaker. 7 people piled into a car driving any place- desert beach mountains. FAR away from city heat. Xtra large snow cone. Stuffy world-jello night. Party across town. Jet lag. Lip gloss. Mini skirt, mini shirt. Big pants and your best friends best t-shirt. Sprinklers at 11PM—type of mood.

I made this playlist because like on most Mondays, I was feeling whacky as fuck. It’s a playlist that can take you back to a time that only exists in your head. A feeling of nostalgia, sadness and happiness all mixed into one cauldron.  

I recommend listening with all of your windows down, right before the sun is about to set. When the palm trees look like night, and strip malls glow pink from the reflection of the horizon. 

Cry, scream do whatever, but always always make sure music can transport you to a time that isn’t of this world, whats the fucking point if it can’t do that.


Drowse, an album made to be listened to alongside the looking-through of Eternal Sleepover. Produced/edited by Shamshawan Scott + Jacob Theriot. Ft. a bunch of new musicians you are going to love. Made to be listened to start to finish, no shuffling.

Best listened to at loudest volume possible in a car cruising with the windows down or walking with your headphones in.

It’s that mid summer feeling, its hot as fuck out, your thighs stick to everything. Late July melts the afternoons and evenings together in this intense sticky way.

That energy you get when the sun finally goes down, your skin is still warm, you’re excited to be with your friends doing anything at all that’s not in the heat.


i made it thinking of like something to listen to at 6am driving to the beach so its sleepy in the beginning and then picks up when the sun is higher up and then comes back down to like a hazy post beach and laying in the sun feeling i was feeling introspective and missing gloomy morning drives


D R O W S E 🌙 a chill vibe with a hint of melancholy. beautiful songs mixed in to complement the drowse messy album  the best time to listen to this is when your sitting alone at the beach, on a park bench or in your bed. alone with your thoughts and a hint of drowsiness


A playlist to match all the feelings of love, laziness, excitement, loneliness, euphoria, boredom, and sweat that come with any well-rounded summer day. Sprinkles of nightlife soundtracks are included to accompany you past bedtime. Grab a smoothie and take a walk! Or stay in and day dream <3 Keep in mind though: it sounds it’s best while dancing!


All of my favorite songs from favorite times. Of course, it sounds great driving down a highway with the windows down on your way to the beach early in the morning, but we can’t always be so lucky. Also great late late at night when you want to feel everything dissolve a bit.


best to listen to in the car while on a long late night drive before heading out to your favorite club n all u see is the city lights with some of your best friends ive mixed some of my fav songs to dance sing and scream along to with some new things i found online it's just a cutesy playlist filled with bops and bangers


a mix of ups and downs.

to listen to on your commute back home. or on your way to lunch. after class, after work. to reflect and to remain joyful :)


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