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from: Bagnolet, Île-de-France

These pieces are the result of my Parisian residence, I took the time while my show was on there to dive into another creative process 

The name of this series is “A Chaotic Dance of Improvisation” 

They are a mix of fairy tales and different universe as a coping mechanism towards the concrete way of real life



The Eternal Sleepover album, aka DROWSE, hits streaming services this week. That’s right.. sonic counterpart to the visual project is finally being released for everyone to hear— if you got your book + CD already you can look forward to 6 different tracks on the digital version, and if you want to get the project, the CD has 9 additional tracks.

Now back to our Monday content.

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Do you think it’s worth it to wait for someone who is in love with someone else?


You only live once, so why waste your time waiting around for someone who is just trying to enjoy theirs. That doesn’t mean it is easy to not have feelings for that person but to limit yourself to someone who has made a decision about who they want to be with does not seem worthwhile. This does not mean that you need to eliminate those feelings of love, but rather acknowledge them as a part of your own experience, and be willing to open yourself up to the possibility of love elsewhere in life. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, and it can be heartbreaking, but that just gives space for a world of possibilities, loves, and experiences that will be reciprocated. 


How to get motivated to get outside and not spend any money

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Start with making a list of things you can do outside that are free. You can definitely look up free things to do in whatever area you’re in. I’m sure there are TONS of museums, parks, and community spaces that host free and fun events. Make a realistic goal for yourself for how many times a week you are going to go through with one of your ideas and get your friends in on it too! The best way to be motivated is to be around people you enjoy. And to avoid spending money on food, head to your kitchen and cook up a little picnic to enjoy when you’re out. 


Best way to take care of yourself when your self esteem is shit


Remember that your physical health = mental health. Eat well, sleep well, and exercise. Taking care of your body is taking care of your mind. Create a plan for yourself to get outside everyday, even if it’s just to take a walk around your block. Try to separate yourself from subjectivity when it comes to looking at yourself - especially your physicality. Surround yourself with people that love and support you. And most importantly, set limits on your social media usage. Feeling your best starts with treating yourself the best that you can.


How do i stop letting my emotions control me?

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Recognize that your emotions do not define you. You are allowed to feel and feel and feel but you have to know that those feelings are not you but a manifestation that you can separate yourself from. It is important to not look at your emotional expression as a weakness. As humans, we are meant to feel the full spectrum of emotions, and by limiting how we express/feel these emotions can make us fall into a toxic pattern of repression. Some days will be harder than others, and negative emotions like anger, sadness, and jealousy consume our minds. Let yourself feel these things, give yourself an hour to be upset (scream and cry if you need to), and then wipe away those tears, pull yourself together, and remind yourself that you are not weak, you’re feelings are valid, and you are in control of them, not vice versa.


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Selection of Cybelle’s Archive

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Anons from last week’s monday page…

(we asked a lot of questions…)

What is your biggest goal in life: To be just as happy and inspired as I am now when I'm 40 or 80.

What have you been learning lately?: instagram isn't real and i don't have to conform to the expectation of only posting what's considered 'good.' recently, i've been trying to post more true-to-self ideals and lessons that i've been learning as a young adult growing up in this social media era to keep things more real as opposed to masked...and i feel so much better because of it

Encourage yourself: this year i am going to get straight A's for the first time in my life and i am going to push myself to accomplish and study everything that i want to while i am still on this planet.

Your worst habits are...: letting people treat me like shit

Encourage yourself: Hey you,
Take some time away - sit in the park and think, write about how it all makes you feel (it's been a blurry few months), love your friends and tell them how much you admire them and their ambitions, listen to jazz and paint with your fingers in the sun. 
Breathe, have a beer,
Remember emotions fluctuate and it won't feel the same tomorrow!
You got this, work hard and love and reeead all that you can

What have you been learning lately?: I think mostly I've been learning how to communicate. Communicate with a partner in a relationship or a new friend you don't know that well yet.

What is your biggest goal in life: To survive the way I want to

What have you been learning lately?: How to navigate hateful family and hating myself and turning that all into soft soft thoughts and feelings

Your worst habits are...: Anything that has to do with my phone.

Come to any realizations lately?: Yes! actually! I realized that I am fully capable of taking care of myself. Which is huge for me. I’ve grown up with severe anxiety and depression and then recently, I was like, “hey wait...I’ve been through SHIT and I’m still pushing myself every day and doing pretty ok.” I am allowing myself to take credit for that. I’m here because of me, so naturally, now that I’ve come to the realization, I am able to find comfort in myself.

Is there anyone in your life you share your true self with?: everyone but myself. if i don't say what i am feeling or thinking at the moment if it's good i feel like a complete fraud. speak act look. people always know how i feel because i tell them. at first, it took conscious effort to break down my walls but now i'm so used to it that it's the only way to live. the only problem is that people have their own perceptions of me that often relate to others but i have no idea how i am.

What have you been learning lately?: I have spent so much precious time nursing the clouded memories of my past, relishing in them as if they were more savory than what the future holds. The past is.... warm. Occasionally comforting... but the mind can play tricks. I forget if those memories are as sweet and pleasurable as my mind paints them to be in the present moment. The future is important. The present is important. It is impossible to embrace the new, to leap into the great unknown which will almost certainly lead to better opportunities when my mind is stuck in the clouds of yesterday.




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munirah al-mehri

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