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featuring work from: Paige MacCready, Emma Czerwinski, Kaitlyn Crosby, Alana Baer,
Brandon McClain, Cybelle Corwin, Tom Wilson, Audrey Schmidt.



It Doesn’t Always Feel Like This But I’m Happy When It Does

by Paige MacCready



by Emma Czerwinski

at the party and the music is so loud and thumping it makes me nothing 

it bangs in my head

bathroom is pink

photobooth is broken


moon is growing in the daytime 

like i’m watering it with juice

i always need music playing to get in or out of a mood

laying on the sidewalk tanning

put on sunscreen

all just have a knack for 

knowing what they wanna do 

but not how to do it

barking at the top of his head

for the rest of the afternoon

go to my favorite parking spot again

to watch the sunset

sitting on the sidewalk 

bike riding right now sounds nice

on the same train like a  million times 

cherry lime soda in a big green glass

digital drawings

by Kaitlyn Crosby



by Alana Baer

I love button
billow baby
banana bad wine
in lavender and
kumquat in footsteps
pretty like
rain cuffed
in corduroy
I love half I love
ceramic spoonful of sigh
click clack
sink sack
leather luck lust
I love wait I love throb I love nail beds I love
nails and beds
wrinkles in beds
books butters ballets
in beds
and almost
in half
and half
dim light dim
I love the smell of jazz if jazz had a smell ice cream dripping to tile floor freshly painted celadon walls but only in the the winter like I love fuck sun smock and so I love


by Alana Baer

I hate missing sock
mistake I hate
fluorescent forget
and death and
a plastic clothing hanger
wet paper crowded flip flops
with heels
carbohydrated turquoise trip
I hate jimmy fallon and jeggings
messy messy hurt
humid handshake
I hate dumb
and sticky smell
arts crafts promised pills
I hate sand in food the number three
Cathy I hate you
knot never loathing loading liquorice
hate math
broken zipper
laminated in a lie
I hate lost



by Emma

Bday - Isaiah Rashad
Love Me Now - William Onyeabor
Jasmine (demo) - Jai Paul
Talk It - ESG
Peach - Kevin Abstract
Hookers - Tierra Wack
Die - L.A. Witch
Malibu - Hole
Drinking in L.A. - Bran Van 3000
Creencias y Abstracciones - Kai Peaks
East Atlanta Heartbreak - Coco & Clair Clair
Melting - Kali Uchis
Yam Yam - No Vacation



by Brandon McClain

Phone Backgrounds

by Emma Czerwinski


Phone Photos

by Cybelle Corwin

Social media helps me be productive
Social media helps me meet people who have similar interests to me
I would be fine without social media
Social media has taught me a lot
I feel like myself on social media
Seeing details of other people's lives helps me feel more connected
Likes and comments and followers don't really mean anything
I would be more inclined to like someone if they have a better social media account
Social media keeps me updated, and properly informed
I am addicted to social media
Overall, the benefits of social media outweigh the negative impacts
For me personally, the benefits of social media outweigh the negative impacts

Here’s Some Pics

by Tom Wilson


Wrote this on a 10-hour plane ride

by Audrey Schmidt

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 5.02.30 AM.png

Really Glad It’s Not Winter Anymore

by Emma Czerwinski

Not my room service

by Cybelle Corwin

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 5.18.51 AM.png