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featuring work from: Bella Millan, Kaitlyn Crosby, Sam Casper, Paige MacCready, Juno Stiley, Lauren Ong, Emma Czerwinski, Jheyda McGarrell.



Kush Cakes

by Bella


iPad Doodles

by Kaitlyn Crosby



by Sam Casper + Miles

Shot by Paige MacCready


Someone Else’s Photos

curated by Juno Stiley

once upon a time my family ran a photo developing shop under the purple san gabriel mountains. it was open until the mid-seventies, owned by a great grandfather i have only heard stories of. these were the images that were never picked up. whether they were forgotten or intentionally deserted, they were processed and left to the hands of the shop. all strangers.

what moments have been missed? what friend groups forgotten? the teen couple- do they still talk to each other? who was behind the camera? think of those who are long since dead. i like to imagine secrets hidden within the picture. what was the history and what was the future? where was this taken? the landscapes are of distant places never before seen- unrecognizable now probably even if you have walked past it in this life. and others familiar- disneyland or a family gathering that feels much like someone’s own. moments of fondness, intensity, focus, and strangeness. who loved each other and who feuded? boys in uniforms all huddled together. babies playing and adults laughing and dogs sitting. life going on all around. photoshoots and candids. christmases and birthdays.

these photos were forgotten- but they still exist in the hands of strangers. pieces of people far away. long after the shop closed, the purple mountains still reign high into the sky. people still have birthdays and laugh and cry and kiss. it goes on.

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Can’t Control My Anxiety

by Lauren Ong


Horoscope Guesses

by Emma

Aries: Seems like you have been having problems in your place of work lately, of people either under appreciating you or downright abusing you. It’s time to confront the matter head on instead of being submissive and hoping it will sort itself out. You have to have your own back right now! And create spaces for you that help you grow, learn, and are respectful.

Taurus: Abundance is all around you this time! Whatever you ask for you shall receive, in small quantities. Recognize the small parts of your life that deserve gratitude and you will receive more of what you asked for. Asking for money might show up as change on the ground at first: pay attention and pick it up! It will gradually build into a big check. If you ask for love, pay attention to who that is new that comes in your life! It’s all about paying attention to the small queues.

Gemini: I would prescribe you silence and solitude. You are on the brink of big inner discovery, creative breakthrough, or acknowledgment of a past pain. Whatever it is, you need to stop trying to talk to other people about it because they are not going to get it Hole yourself up in your room, drive out to your favorite secluded spot, let yourself be alone with your thoughts and no distractions for a day at least! Have a journal ready to write everything down.

Cancer: Where are you going? What are you doing? Here’s the good news: your next phase of life is going to bring a lot of positive change. You will feel yourself breathing easier, smiling more, and feeling a sense of youthful detachment from reality. That innocence is going to come with cutting off some people and habits. To help transition yourself into your next phase, cut your hair, change your location, switch up your room. Any profound external change will act as a catalyst to launch you into your peaceful mindset and let go of your past year, and rebirth just in time for your birthday.

Leo: Wickedness is creeping in and you don’t know why. Recognize your bad behavior however it shows up: towards friends, towards employees, and ultimately towards yourself. What is causing you so much pain? Why are you consistently making choices recently that you know are hurting you? You are going to find answers within your closest relationships. Getting an outside, much older or younger perspective on your thoughts and feeling will bring you resolution.

Virgo: Bright pinks! Is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what is going on for you right now. Loud music helps. Spicy food helps. Working out really hard helps. Intensity is the answer right now, weird as it may seem to those around you. Now is a time you can really really trust yourself, you have a small window of feeling a lot, experiencing a lot, and seeing the truth that is going to help answer a lot of things for you, realize what you want to do, and ride out the rest of the year. It’s almost like your year is finally starting.

Libra: You’ve been sort of absent. Doing things that don’t really fulfill you, but fulfill those around you. Don’t get mad at your emptiness: just remember that you operate differently and remember what makes your feel happy, not just tuning out all the time. Feelings of disassociation have been going on for a while because of your adaptability to other’s lives around you. Find space for yourself in your day: write, draw. Something small and simple to let yourself have space to reflect. You know yourself well and can rebound quick! Just needs a little paying attention to.

Scorpio: Green. Soda pop bubbles. Frozen licorice. Sticky days. Bug bites. Sunburns. Send 3 postcards, one to someone you used to love, one to someone you love now, and one to someone in your family. Stop running red lights. Take a break from all substances. A day break counts. Just walk somewhere sometimes for no reason. It’s gonna be okay.

Sagittarius: Everyone isn’t out to get you they just aren’t confronting their own shit. Everyone isn’t out to get you they just aren’t confronting their own shit. Everyone isn’t out to get you they just aren’t confronting their own shit. Everyone isn’t out to get you they just aren’t confronting their own shit.

Capricorn: Feeling good energy for you right now with things related to fashion: clothes, hair, makeup, modeling, photography. Whatever aspect of it that you want to get involved with its the time. You are going to have great luck with finding pieces for your personal wardrobe that help shift your entire persona around. I would really recommend sorting through your things and being brutally honest as to what you would want to buy now. Donate everything that doesn’t work. Even if you are down to 5 items of clothing at the end of it, it’s 5 items of clothing that feel entirely like you. Your persona is very much ruled by how you present yourself, and it’s time for a refresh.

Aquarius: Loss and love have been on your mind a lot lately. Contemplating death of loved ones, or loss of a love in life, or what love can mean to you. It’s a very humbling time for your psyche, exploring perhaps life’s greatest personal questions that have no real answers, just wavering truths and feelings. Don’t think you know all the answers to this one: finding a book to read could help. Doesn’t have to be a self help book either, those don’t really resonate with you. Exploring the perspective of a new religion, a philosophy book, or even a really well written piece of fiction will really help you settle into this beautiful pool of mystery, uncertainty, and melancholy.

Pisces: The waters feel so standstill that it feels like air around you. Realize that there are greater offshore currents coming that you cannot control, and you will be surfing again real real soon. Love all these water metaphors? Love you.

Self Portraits for Luna Collective

by Emma + Cybelle

Happy Birthday , iphone photos

by Cybelle Corwin