We exist mostly off the internet! Our favorite thing that we do is making print projects! That’s where almost all of our efforts go to. If you want to support us, our team, what we do, grab yourself a copy of our latest project. (Eternal Sleepover is up next, check out our previous projects in the archives tab) We also have events around town. You can find info about that on socials, websites, or by email list.

So, this is the web version of what we do. We try and put together a bunch of hot stuff for you to get inspired by, this is work by us, our friends, or people that are making stuff we like. The best way to “get involved” is to create, whether that’s writing, making music, drawing, taking photos, whatever. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, creative expression is available to all of us and helps you explore your own perspective in life. Really what more is there than this one life and how you experience it? So hopefully somewhere on this site there is something that really makes you happy, angry, feel, enough to get up and do something or make something.

If you want to check out our socials, they’re always at the bottom of the site:)

You can also throw your email address in the updates box. You really don’t have to worry about us spamming your inbox because we only ever get around to sending emails once in a blue moon, and when we write to you it will be SUPER IMPORTANT! Like about new music we like or new shirts we made or new projects.

If you like what we do, really the best way you can help out is to share it with your friends. Maybe scroll through the site together?

If you are looking at our content and are like “pffft I make stuff as good as this” GREAT! Send us your work in a way that’s easy to access (please make sure the folders on google drive are actually shared with our email….) and tell us a little bit about yourself. These emails are monitored by us (Emma & Cybelle) so please save the professionalism for when you email your teachers, media platforms, or are making business deals! We want to get to know YOU and your perspective so like your mom says, just be yourself. You can share stuff at messysubmissions@gmail.com

+ Send feedback, rants, comments, & drunk messages to themessyheads@gmail.com XOXO